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10 October 2016

Gambling bets via virtual reality are set to increase in the next 5 years by 800% mainly driven by the high stake gamblers.

By 2021 Virtual Reality betting will increase to $520million from the current $58.5 million, in a report that juniper research released on the 10 October 2016.

All the Tech Giants including Facebook and google are almost certain that VR gambling will increase , Juniper  are predicting that the increase will be mainly due to the immersive Casino experience that  can be achieved using this form of gambling.

Hardware revenues are set to explode from accessories that allow you to immerse yourself in the experience, from $5 billion in 2016 - $50 billion in 2021.  Items such as 360 degree cameras, Headsets and other equipment.

Although the report also stated that virtual reality betting could be held back by the expensive cost of the hard wear. And the growth will be mainly from the early takers for this type of gambling. Using Smart phone based headsets like Samsung’s Gear VR  But these need to be plugged into specialist type computers.

It will mainly be the high end gamblers who place large stakes and that can afford the equipment a spokesman said!

There is another reason for this explosion is the fact it is so easy to do it from the comfort of your own home. Previously you would have to co to arcades or casino houses to play.

The cost has come down and is so easy accessible these days.





A 800% increase in bets being placed using virtual reality gambling by 2021