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Blackjack  Betting Odds and Payout's

Blackjack Variation of Rules

In the most part Blackjack offers  better betting odds than other games in the casino although every decision a player decides on hit, stand, double, or split the odds will change. And  each casino house will have their own set of house rules like wether a player can double down, when they can split, and if  dealer hits on soft 17 or not.  All of these differences change  the house advantage. In the majority of standard games of blackjack , the ones that pay 3:2 on winning blackjacks and 1:1 on all others!  the house edge will be between 0.45% and 0.85%. We will now analyse  and address some of the various  blackjack rules that will change the betting odds and will also analyse blackjack game playing in a online casino.

Variations of Blackjack Rules

Here we will talk about blackjack rules which change the house advantage/betting odds.

Amount of Decks:

The number of decks used in a blackjack will vary from 1 to 8 decks. When playing Blackjack online eight deck shoes shuffled each hand are the widely used. When you find an online casino that plays a six deck shoe, the house edge will be reduced by around 0.028%. The least amount of decks used, the  blackjack betting odds will become more favourable  for the player.

Soft 17:

The majority of blackjack games will require a dealer to hit on soft 17. In games where players dealer stands on soft 17 the house edge is reduced approximately 0.20%

Peek for Blackjack:

In most common games of blackjack the dealer can peak for blackjack when showing an ace.  Whether or not the dealer peaks when showing a face card is a different story!. In General the different ways of checking for blackjack  can change the house edge by between 0.01% and 0.10%.

Double Down:

In general casinos  will allow doubling on any two cards. In some cases the casino houses  will limit the hands which can be doubled. This is normally written as D8 or D9. D9 means doubling is only allowed on hands of 9-11. The house edge difference between “double any two” and “D9” is around 0.11%.

Double After Split:

In the most part casinos will allow split hands to be doubled. If they do not allow this, the house edge is increased by 0.14% so the players have decreased blackjack betting odds.

Re split:

Casinos have different house rules about if hands can be re split, and if so how many times. Using re split up to three total hands as the base,  the house edge is reduced by 0.008% if the rule changes to re splits up to four total hands, and is increased by .045% if all re splitting is not allowed. These figures are all approximate as its also dependant on the house rules of the casino, we we  based off the most common rule averages.

Uncommon Rules:

WE will just mention a few rules just so you are aware they exist.  They are uncommon but can still change the blackjack betting odds,  surrender options, 6 and 7 card Charlie Re splitting/ hitting aces  etc.

Blackjack Payout's:

Now that we have covered all the various rule one last thing we would like to warn you about, is short blackjack payout's. This is not  common at all online, although  many  live casinos have now introduced tables with blackjack payout's of 6-to-5. When a winning blackjack hand (an ace, accompanied by a ten, jack, queen or king) is paid only 6-to-5 as compared to the  to the traditional 3-2, the casino picks up an extra 1.36% house advantage. Even if the player as the other rules in its favour, the casino can triple or even quadruple their house advantage just by shorting the blackjack payout's. Blackjack players should refuse to compete at any tables that are paying less than 3-to-2 for winning blackjacks.


Blackjack in general offers far better odds  than other online casino games, Although every time a player decides and makes a different decision , either a  double, hit, stand, or split will change the odds. Every casino will have a different rules of the house, like when a player can split,double down, and to whether or not the dealer hits on soft 17. These different rules  can alter the Casino’s advantage. In most common  blackjack games, the ones that pay 3:2 on winning blackjacks, also 1:1 on all other winners, the house edge will be  between 0.45% and 0.85%. In this analysis we will look at some of the various rules of blackjack,  and the ones that can change the  odds and will also look into playing he blackjack in a online casino.



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