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Blackjack Betting Systems To Reduce House Edge

In this section we are going to to give you a overview of Blackjack betting systems. We will go over the most common Blackjack betting systems at this moment in time, discus  the Martingale Blackjack betting systems that some people use and then we will discuss perfect Blackjack strategy.

We will also show you how to reduce house edge when playing online  Blackjack to the point where the house has very small or no edge at all!

Common Blackjack betting systems

There are many Blackjack betting systems out there but I’m afraid to tell you that none of them work. By using a betting system alone you will not beat Blackjack. The fact is most betting systems will only increase the houses edge.

There is a large difference between Blackjack betting systems and  the perfect Blackjack strategy.  With the Perfect strategy it is possible to reduce the house edge massively.

Nearly all Blackjack betting systems, other than the perfect strategy, are built on the Martingale system. We will now view the Martingale system a little closer and show you its weak points.

Martingale Blackjack betting systems

With all Martingale Blackjack betting systems they are based on starting with a level stake and then doubling your bet if you lose and placing the same bet again if you win. The opinion  is that you can bank your winning bets and win back all the loses.

The dilemma with any Martingale system comes when you lose a large number of bets after each other. There is a point where you either run out of money therefore you can’t double your bet or the table maximum limit stops you doubling your bet.

If you ever get to this point you have most probably  shed a load of cash and will have little or no way of winning it back! You can work out your exact odds of going bust with the Martingale Blackjack betting system visit the Blackjack systems page.

Blackjack betting system the Perfect Strategy

The best way of reducing the house edge is by playing what is known as the perfect Strategy its definitely the best way of reducing the houses edge. When a casino is playing against someone who doesn’t know perfect strategy the house has between a 6% and 8% edge overall. On the contrary when a player is using perfect strategy that edge is reduced to just 0.05%!

It is hard to learn the Perfect strategy but one of the best things when  playing online  Blackjack is that you can print out a Blackjack strategy table like this one and use it to make informed decisions while you play!

Reduce the house edge once and for all!

Choosing a online casino to have a game of Blackjack at is the best way to reduce the houses edge. If you choose one with a good deposit bonus the House edge is almost completely gone. Like the link below!


When  playing casino games everybody wants to reduce the house edge , in this Blackjack strategy analysis we will teach you exactly how to do that!  When playing blackjack online to there are a number of things you can do to reduce the house edge! this overview will show you the best techniques. If you use the methods we discussed in this overview then you will have a far better chance of beating the house.



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