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We will now talk about some of the common mistakes made some players make while playing a game of blackjack.  Some mistakes are made purely due to the lack of self control and some due diverting from their decided strategies.


We have already discussed in our blackjack basic strategy that progression betting does not work when using this technique, as the odds are directed to the other side. This is why you need to learn how to manage your money and make a plan and stick to it, we will discuss this in our next article.

You must exclude betting in progression or increasing your stakes in spontaneous decisions!

It is quite common for in-experienced players to ditch their original game plan and increase their stakes after a few winning hands.  You must not do this, you might think that the game is going your way at the time but this can change at any moment and the winning streak could end.  Then you will find that you could lose the money you earned in the winning streak faster than it was won!

In land based Casinos the staff and other gamblers may tempt you to higher your bets when you are having a winning streak.  Other players for the entertainment and the staff hoping you lose what you have won and more!

The Dealers may tempt you by saying that you only risk losing what you never had, this is a trick they use to tempt you to higher your stakes in the hope you lose more faster.  Don't forget you gambled to win that money and its yours if you want to keep it.

Don't forget that you might think that it is acceptable to lose some of the money you have earned as acceptable risk you take when gambling, thinking that if you break even  is a small consolation to pay for the chance of winning big. Losing everything you have just worked hard for can be very defeating and and could put your game on self destruct, leading you to make other rash decisions and make you lose much much more. This brings me to say that one of the bonuses of playing blackjack online, is you do not get these pressures that are usually found in the land based casinos.


Another scenario that is very true, is that some players  can give in the the negative feelings after losing several hands by  placing higher bets to try and recouporate some of their losses. This is very much like the Martingale betting system the the player doubles his stake for each lost hand. ~In the hope that when  they eventually win it will offset their previous losses.

It is very easy to become disheartened when having a run of bad luck and leave the table but its even worse to  to start placing higher wagers to regain your loss, as this is likely to quicken even more losses and probably lead to losing everything.

Keeping calm and always remembering all these things, like sticking to your original game plan, you can always work on improving the situation, with no need to have any additional increase in risk.

Do not over bet

Stay in control

Do not play any longer than you originally planned to


We will now talk about the temptation about the complimentary items that are used by casinos to lure you in and keep you at your tables for longer.  Its a common mistake to over bet for these said complementaries, as they can come at a price. They are mainly in proportion to what a player is expected to lose.  If you are a using the basic strategy at a player friendly table you will be disadvantaged at approximately 0.5% against the casino. Therefore in order to get ahead or at worst break even, even with the the free bonuses added in. You need to pace the size of your bets and then aim for some of the free bonuses.  So the golden rule again is not to over bet!

Over betting can be tempting for other reasons, like trying to impress someone,  in land based casinos a player can easily get spurred on when surrounded by friends or a pretty lady you may have your eye on. She may think your large bets are sexy at the time but once you lose that will all go out the window. You will lose your money and most probably the girl. Playing blackjack online eliminates these pitfalls most of the time as you can play without anyone wathing you so you can really concentrate on the prize.


In land based casinos it is common place to offer free drinks the the punters.  Many players really like to have a drink while playing.  Know your limits as to when your mind will start to get impaired and prompt you to make decisions you would not usually make. One thing for certain is alcohol can definitely cloud your judgement leading you to make rash decisions. So the same goes for playing blackjack online, you may not be trying to get your moneys worth of free drinks, but don’t be tempted to let yourself go and crack open to many beers from the fridge as the same goes as to getting to drunk and keeping a straight head. So the motto is relax, enjoy but keep a level head at all times.