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Many people really enjoy a good gamble from time to time and find it entertainer and exhilarating at the same time. The rush of a big win, and the lows of losing can all add the the fun. What usually makes our mind up of where to play is the good variety of games on offer, obviously if blackjack is is your favourite tipple, you would not sing up if it was not on offer on a particular website. To make things more interesting there is now Live Dealer Blackjack, which give you the opportunity to sample the closest thing to a real live casino experience that you would find in a land based gambling establishment.  Live dealer blackjack online makes it possible to sample these delights from the comfort of your own home, or even on the move using your smart phone. Live dealer blackjack as become increasingly popular all over the world and at a rapid pace.  Due to this snowball in popularity most of the leading online casinos offer live dealer blackjack games.


Finding a a trustworthy and respected online casino that offers live dealer blackjack is the first step we would recommend. Nearly all the online casinos that are on offer on this site do give the option to play live dealer. Once you have decided which to sing up with, you can register you will need to provide payment information so you can deposit and withdraw money. Once you have done this you are ready to sample the live gaming experience while you are at home or on the go.  

Once you are ready just click on the links for live dealer blackjack and select your preferred variation of the blackjack game.  A new browsing window will be opened automatically this is where the live game will be broadcast in real time and you will be able to see the blackjack table along with the live dealer.  When you start to play the buttons to to Hit, Stand, , Double and more will be displayed on your screen. You will view the game from your computer or mobile device as the game unfolds streaming form the live dealer table.  You will instantly start to notice and feel the excitement, ambience and adrenalin that you would normally only get to experience in a real live casino.



I did not mention this before but one of the best things about live dealer blackjack you can actually play with other players at the same time.  When playing the usual online blackjack, you only play against the online casinos automated dealer.  Some of these casinos offer multi player games but only offer limited chat messenger which really does take away part of the real real casino-like feel. Being able to interact with other players really does add to the whole experience.


There is something about live dealer blackjack that you feel more engaged in a game play. Playing against software on a standard online blackjack casino site can be boring for a lot of people, and many feel like it is missing the life like feel of the real life casino. It can start to feel especially like this when you have not had one winning and and the dealer is on a wining streak.  When playing live dealer blackjack you can see everything as it is, like the dealer shuffling cards and dealing.  Also if you are not happy  about something or want to answer a question, you can ask the dealer or the pit boss in a instant. This is where live dealer blackjack is miles ahead of the normal automated sites where you can play blackjack online.



Although there are many  very good quality blackjack sites available today, the  average game of online blackjack is dictated by software based. These games can not emulate the near real life experience that live dealer blackjack can offer.  Live dealer blackjack gives the closest experience of the real life casino blackjack but in the comfort of your own home.  You can play this game against real life people whilst laying in bed in your underpants! Playing blackjack online as lots of benefits, you can access more variants of the blackjack game. Side bets, betting limits and different variations of the game and rules. There is much more scope and choice.  Playing normal software based online blackjack  gives you the opportunity to  keep a more precise track of your winnings and losses, and calculate and record how much you have spent over a period of time. It also gives them more chance to revise and practice your strategies.


We will start with the obvious of the real life experience of playing against a real life dealer this can give a near as possible experience to playing in a land based casino. It is played in real-time you can watch the dealer shuffle the cards and deal.  You view it via video streaming from the filming studios that are operated by te likes of the large casino companies for example Playtech and Microgaming. They have a wealth of experience, and they hand chose the dealers they are usually attractive to the eye and are also very friendly and personable. This makes you feel at ease with them. Some times female sometimes male they have a looker for every sex.  The camera is always pointed at the table and the live dealer. Its as if you are sitting in a real life Vegas casino.  Another bonus is that is you need to ask a question or have a issue you can ask the pit boss just like in a real life casino house.

So there you have it, live dealer blackjack is an exceptional way of having fun while trying to win some cash. You can play it without getting dressed or leaving your home.

You can  take advantage of some of our live dealer blackjack recommendations from the leading online casinos and some of the top sign up offers on our site.